CCTV System Design & Consultancy Services – Principle Consultant

Unlike many consultancy services which employ engineers straight out of university and, which in many cases have little or no practical hands on experience with systems, equipment or technology that is being installed. T&L offers in excess of 25 years integration experience in all aspects of Security, Access Control and Imaging.

Over this period, he has;

  • Designed and built Grade A1 Central Monitoring Stations,
  • Owned and operated electronic Security installation and service companies,
  • Acted as a High End Manufacturer’s representative for integrated systems and CCTV
  • Developed and delivered comprehensive training packages for RTO’s and other organisation’s, and
  • He operates as a specialist consultant for electronic security (all aspects) and provision of training solutions
  • He was the West Australian State Chairman for ASIAL for a period of 8 years and operated as a Director of the Association for a period of 5 years. He was also a foundation member of the WA ministerial Security Industry Advisory Committee
  • He has been recognised as a Fellow of the Australian Security Industry

Drone used to take high quality overview and location imaging that is used with our design software to provide expected outcomes from cameras and locations

Arthur has been involved with many major deployments around the country which includes

  • Design and evaluation of citywide surveillance infrastructure (including acting on specialist panels to evaluate tender responses),
  • Design of surveillance and security infrastructure requirements relating to transportation and rail networks,
  • Design and evaluation of equipment utilising both centralised and distributed architecture for the transmission of video, audio and emergency communications over wide area wired and wireless networks
  • Design and provision of systems and equipment for the mining and resource sector (includes special application equipment designed to operate extended temperature and high vibration environments)
  • Design and installation of kiln monitoring systems
  • Design and installation of video systems and analytics in detention and immigration facilities
  • Evaluation and strategic design of local and state wide data networks relating to video and security deployment
  • System and equipment evaluation audits for organisations and local government

He has acted as a Systems Integration Specialist with Bosch for over 5 years, responsible for the compiling specifications based on client requirements which have been used for design, Installation and support of solutions installed in Critical Infrastructure, Mining, Local Government, Health, Aged Care, Education, Commercial and Industrial applications. Through this history of hands on integration experience, we have not only an understanding of what is expected of a CCTV consultant but the knowledge to deliver the outcomes for our clients. 

Technical Director of one of WA’s largest private electronic security groups for over 13 years, T&L’s principle, Arthur Barker was responsible for not only a retail security operation but also the design and operation of a Grade A1 Security monitoring center catering for over 300,000 signals per month. His experience not only catered for the design of solutions to meet client requirements, but also included hands on Installation | Programming | Commissioning | Training, and Documentation of those solutions to end user requirements.

Over the course of the past 10 years Arthur has developed relevant training and information packages for government and industry. Arthur is an accredited trainer who has designed and presented workshops on all aspects of analogue and network based CCTV System design to Local Government, Specifiers and Consultants for in excess of 5 years. He has acted the roles of WA State Chairman and a National Director of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) and has been an executive member of the WA Security Industry Association Executive (SAIWA). 

His materials are used & presented by some of the largest Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) across the country and he provides direct training and consultancy services to industry, organisations and local government which are used to up-skill staff and stakeholders in technology and understand the requirements of systems to meet their own organisation outcomes.

The quality and standard of the training has been recognised by many major organisations and has been endorsed and supported by

  • The Local Government Managers Association {LGMA) of Western Australia, as well as
  • The Australian Security Industry Association.

Want to know more about us?

Our Client Experience provides you’re organisation with support

  • Determining the organisational outcomes to meet requirements
  • Consultation with all stakeholders to ensure all those needs are met
  • Specification and Document preparation based on the determined
  • outcomes whilst taking into account system expansion, technology and holistic design methodologies
  • Documentation management to ensure contractors licenses and Insurance meet requirements as required by State and Federal law
  • Project Management of the installation process
  • Compliance Testing and Supervision
  • Implementation and supervision of the handover process including Training. Commissioning and Documentation process are completed.

Owing to this experience base we are frequently engaged to provide system functional audits. These services are used by organisations for their security management master planning and assessment strategies for existing systems where the existing documentation is frequently lacking. T & L Enterprises follows an 8 Step process to ensure its clients are provided with the outcomes they require. This process provides the organisation the checks and balances which reinforce best practice results throughout the engagement. So call us now for any of your CCTV consulting or design needs.