Sample Completed Projects

Owing to the way in which we operated, we have provided specifications and functional designs for many companies. These scopes have varied from project to project being taylored to meet or exceed each clients required outcomes. Please find below a small selection of some projects that were completed in the past with a description of works provided. Owing to our long exposure in the retail sector, In the event that you require project or installation oversite, project management and other services are also offered. For more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cityscape & Street Surveillance

City of Geraldton – Streetscape Closed Circuit Television

Liaised with client to determine outcomes taking into account enviromental & installation considerations including lighting, landscaping, reclaimed land, vandal resistance, maintenance requirements, power and network reticulation, storage, redundancy and expansion. Provided specification for, and acted on selection panel for the City of Geraldton streetscape surveillance system.

Mining & Resource

Christmas Creek – OPF2 Process control monitoring system

Design standardisation for Closed Circuit television throughout the organisation. Scope called for standardisation of CCTV for Process control to monitor plant operations and produce high quality imaging recorded to a fault tolerant RAID 5 storage. Design required construction of specialised housings to cater for ambient temperatures exceeding 57 degrees Celcius in summer. Housing also included equipment to prevent the buildup of abrasive particulate matter on the lens thereby extending the operational life of the system.Through the use of 3D modelling to demonstrate proof of concept, staged visits to site to ensure installation was completed to correct areas.

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Cockburn Cement Ltd – Kiln monitoring system

Installation of a CCTV system into the access tunnels for a rotary kiln system to monitor flame and processed material during the curing process. Cameras were required to view directly through the firewall of the kiln looking into in excess of 900 Degrees Celcius.

Scope included – System upgrade to security management system to network multipleTecom  challengers together using Forcefield.  Upgrade access control system and installation of controlled gates to restrict access to rail crossing and truck weighbridge.

Transport / Rail

Public Transport Authority – Training Needs Analysis

As part of CCD Alliance completed Training Needs Analysis for the migration from the old Honeywell DVM to the new  Genetec Security Desk. Project included development of training and assessment strategies to facilitate crossover aspects relating to existing and new staff upskilling in Security Desk operation.

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