With over 30 years training experience, T&L Enterprises & TLE Training Solutions provides services Australia wide that assists organisations to not only identify their training shortfalls but implement comprehensive training programs that meet operational requirements. Our courses not only demystify the technologies but give participants the benefit or over 25 years practical integration experience and information to reduce over investment and minimise exposure to cost variations.

The speed of the technology changes within the imaging sector requires frequent updating on the training materials, as such TLE completes rewrites on the training notes typically twice a year. Participants are able to receive these updates by email at no cost for the first year following their training.

The training we provide for local government and critical infrastructure is the only workshop in the country that is supported by the Australian Security Industry Association and the Local Government Managers Association (WA).

ASIAL members receive a 10% discount on all standard priced courses and workshop's 

When Required, TLE Training Solutions can provide a Training Needs Analysis to determine an organisations required outcomes and provide a Gap analysis to highlight the shortfalls. If desired, we can also Design and Develop targeted training packages for delivery. As such, we regularly write modules for registered training organisations that have a need for high quality technical training materials. Projects it had been completed for training needs analysis include the public transit authority for the migration of their Honeywell Digital Video Management system to the new Genetec video management system.

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CCTV Training Courses Offered

Improvements in image quality, rapid changes & technical innovations and a highly competitive era has made CCTV more affordable and has seen the use of CCTV cameras explode. With CCTV systems used at work, home, shops, restaurants, hotels hospitals and many more places. Today whether you are a one man band or a large organisation, the right training not only save money but increase productivity?

There came an urgent need to understand this equipment, its pros & cons, its usability, and how to set it up to get the best result... That is where we come in!

Workshop Costs shown are based on the following:

  • 1/2 Day Workshops (Minimum 6 Participants)
  • 2 Day Workshops include morning and afternoon tea/coffee provided over 2 days. (Minimum 10 Participants)
  • 3 Day Workshops include morning and afternoon tea/coffee provided over 3 days. (Minimum 10 Participants)

Note:   ASIAL members receive a 10% discount of the indicated course costs

             Special Group discount available for organisations. (Maximum 10 Participants from the same company) Call for Quotation

Training offers a comprehensive insight about the technology, requirements and implementation, which is tailored to suit variety of situations. this information is imparted by a practicing industry specialist with many years of actual experience.
There are various organisations in the market that offer a CCTV and Risk Training in your own city's, we highly recommend you follow up with these companies to find out what actual experience its trainers have delivering solutions to ask them to back it up with some details of projects these people have completed. Our workshops are established. In fact, they have trained over many years to up skill Stakeholders, Consultants and industry practitioners in technology and integration. The CCTV Workshop as an example is updated at least 2 times per year, so that you get the latest in information and methodology. TLE's courses allows you to acquire the most comprehensive details, knowledge about the various usages and Implementations.

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